Monday, August 21, 1995

The Pool

The pool. (MSC Sabrina, 8/21/95)

My Ship Came In

My ship finally came in. (8/21/95)

Atlantic Crossing

MSC Sabrina, Atlantic crossing.

Sunday, August 20, 1995

Inside the Route 66

Dick Reynolds inside the Route 66. (8/20/95)

Cambridge Tea Room

Dick Reynolds in front of his 'baby'. (8/20/95)

Route 66

Dick Reynolds coming out to confront the suspicious looking character. (8/20/95)

Henryetta, Oklahoma native, Dick Reynolds.

Editor's Notes: Reflection of Toby taking pictures in the window.

As a native Oklahoman, Toby had to stop and photograph an establishment that was called the "Route 66". He met Dick Reynolds, who owned both the Route 66 and the Cambridge Tea Room (next door). Mr. Reynolds also happened to be a native Oklahoman.

Cambridge College

Cambridge College. (8/20/95)

Brown Cow

Brown Cow restaurant. Cambridge, England. (8/20/95)

Thursday, August 17, 1995


Beefeater at the entrance to the building containing the Crown Jewels. (8/17/95)

Tower Raven

One of the tower ravens. Tower of London. (8/17/95)

Crown Jewels

The Tower of London. Even though I paid for them, they wouldn't let me keep any jewels. (8/17/95)

Double Decker

Double decker buses in London. My train tickets to London. (8/17/95).

Wednesday, August 16, 1995

Water Clock

Water clock. Felixstowe, England. (8/16/95)

Wedding Car

Car waiting for newlyweds outside a church. (8/16/95)

The Beach

Felixstowe is a summer vacation spot. Vacationers para-sailing. (8/16/95)

Round House

I was told this is someone's house. Felixstowe, England. (8/16/95)


Pat, the owner/operator of the Boiling Kettle. (8/16/95)

Front of the Boiling Kettle

The front of the Boiling Kettle. Felixstowe, England. (8/16/95)

Boling Kettle

So I moved to this room at the Boiling Kettle Guest House. (8/16/95 - 8/17/95)

Tuesday, August 15, 1995

Towel Warmer

Luxury at the Marlborough, a towel warmer, was too expensive. (8/15/95)

The Marlborough

My room at the Marlborough. (8/15/95)

Room 301

The view from R301 of the Marlborough Hotel, Felixstowe, England. (8/15/95)

Goodbye Gina

...and goodbye to the Lady herself. Smooth sailing Gina! (8/15/95)

Goodbye to Friends

Time to say goodbye to my new friends. From left, Goren, Radio Officer, and Guiseppe 'Pipo', Chief Steward. (8/15/95)

Monday, August 14, 1995

Felixstowe Tug

The tug pushes us into dock at Felixstowe. (8/14/95)


Entering the harbor of Felixstowe England. (8/14/95)

Friday, August 11, 1995

Ligurian Sea

Storm on the Ligurian Sea off the west coast of Italy. (~8/11/95)

Wednesday, August 9, 1995

Don't Let Passengers Drive

This is what happens when you let passengers drive. (~8/9/95)

Dangerous Cargo

They'd been expecting me. (MSC Gina. ~8/9/95)

Tuesday, August 8, 1995

I.D. Card

Identity card for Italy. (8/8/95)

Monday, August 7, 1995

Shore Pass

My shore pass for Naples. (8/7/95)

Tuesday, August 1, 1995

Comforts of Rome

All the comforts of Rome. Satellite Dish on MSC Gina. (~8/1/95)

Sunday, July 30, 1995

On Board the Gina

On board the MSC Gina. (~7/30/95)

The tugboat pushes the Gina into Limmasol, Cyprus. (~7/30/95)


The dock at Limmasol, Cyprus. (~7/30/95)

Saturday, July 29, 1995

Israeli Navy

The Israli navy at Haifa. Look close and see subs. (~7/29/95)


The wing of the bridge. (~7/29/95)

Empty Helm

The Captain is too busy fishing to take the helm. (~7/29/95)

Friday, July 28, 1995

Docks at Ashdad

The docks at Ashdad, Israel. (7/28/95)


Sober, serious leadership is the Gina's secret of success. From left, the Captain, the First Officer, and Chief Engineer. Fishing while at anchor off Ashdad, Israel. (7/28/95)

Thursday, July 27, 1995

53,000 Lbs.

Each container can hold up to 53,000 lbs. (7/27/95)

Gina is a Cargo Ship

This is a cargo ship. On board the MSC Gina.

Life Boat

Always know the way to the life boat. (7/27/1995)

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is blue.

On board the MSC Gina. (7/27-8/1995)