Thursday, July 20, 1995


Caves in the mountainside at Ein Gedir Reserve (look close and you can see mountain goats). (7/20/95)

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  1. The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve (Getting Israel Together)

    The Ein Gedi reserve, on the eastern periphery of the Judean Desert, is bordered by cliffs to the West, the Dead Sea shore to the East, the Mount Yishai Ridge and the Ein Gedi lookout to the North, and Nahal Hever in the South.
    The lowermost section - the lowest point in the world - is 400 meters below sea level, and the highest summits are 200 meters above sea level.

    The 6,750-acre reserve, officially declared in 1972, includes Nahal David and Nahal Arugot and the slopes between them.

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